Upended Games manufactures custom components to improve your board gaming experience.

Our newest accessory helps mark which areas are in play in Power Grid. These items are now available in our store, or buy through the product links below.

Power Grid:Manhole Covers


Manhole Covers are placed over the connection cost numbers between active and inactive areas. They clearly indicate which area are in play, and their low profile keeps them from bring distracting.

Downstairs Rooms Tokens for Castles of Mad King Ludwig


Similar to our acrylic tokens for Suburbia, these laser-cut tokens help you remember to collect your bonuses. Since only the downstairs rooms have bonuses for non-adjacent tiles, only 14 tokens are required, resulting in a much lower price.

Suburbia:Acrylic Tokens


If there's been one complaint about Bezier Games great game Suburbia, it is that there is a lot to keep track of. So many tiles interact with tiles placed later, that it can be dificult to remember to collect everything you are entitled to as you opponents take there turns.

With Upended Games' Acrylic Tokens set, its hard to forget. This beautiful set of 81 tokens marks the tiles with ongoing effects so that it is easy to tell at a glance which existing tiles are affected by a new placement. These tiles are offically licensed by Bezier Games, and use the original iconography from the game.

Suburbia:Borough Board Overlays


Have your Income and Reputation markers ever gotten knocked out of place? These overlays keep the markers locked in place so you don't need to try to remember or recalculate when the table gets bumped.

Castles of Mad King Ludwig:Blueprints


Blueprints are essential in any building project. Our blueprints simplify the Master Builder's duties. Coins can be placed next to room tiles on the blueprints, so that the room details are not obscured, while the rooms can still be easily rearranged in the market.